Conference: 6th Biennial Meeting on Construction History (CHSA)
24th – 26th May 2018, College Park, Maryland, USA
DATE: 24/5/2018
"The School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation at the University of Maryland is hosting CHSA’s 6th Biennial Meeting on Construction History from May 24 - 26, 2018.
The 6th Biennial meeting of the Construction History Society of America will feature research and scholarship from a diverse range of academics and practitioners, focusing generally on the history of building design, fabrication, and construction throughout the Americas over the last five hundred years. Presenters will include scholars, engineers, architects, preservationists, and contractors, who will present on topics ranging from historic building materials to postwar engineering and building science. 
Keynotes will be presented by Carl Lounsbury, College of William and Mary, and Thomas E. Boothby, Pennsylvania State University.
Three to four guided tours led by local expert historians are being organized in the Washington DC metro area with more information to follow.
On the evening of Thursday, May 24th, a special program celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Associated General Contractors will be presented with Kenneth D. Durr of History Associates giving the keynote address. More information on this event follows at a later date and will be posted on our website.

6th Biennial Meeting of the Construction History Society of America: May 26 – 29, 2016 at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD."

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