Call for abstracts: Open Call for Abstracts OASE 102 & 103
10th April – 15th May 2018
DATE: 15/5/2018
OASE is now open for abstracts submissions concerning OASE #102 and #103.

OASE is an independent, international, peer-reviewed journal for architecture that brings together academic discourse and the sensibilities of design practice. OASE advocates critical reflection in which the architectural project occupies a central position, yet is understood to be embedded in a wider cultural field.

OASE #102: Educating architects in Europe. From critical intellectual to successful entrepreneur?
Editors: Christophe Van Gerrewey, David Peleman, Bart Decroos

“OASE invites authors to inquire what kind of architect and urban planner is or was being ´produced´ at European schools of architecture. In which way has the classic distinction between the architect-as-engineer and the architect-as-artist been defined, and is it still valid today? What is the result of an education in architecture, and what kinds of subjectivity are formed? Can skills be defined professionally, or do they transcend the ´tools´ that are needed to ´work´? Do schools really define the training they offer – and how? Thanks to a legacy, or rather by means of well-known and influential tutors? To what degree do schools imitate what happens in a globalised world and in professional praxis? And what moments have been historically decisive in the European organisation of architecture education?”

OASE #103: Critical Regionalism and Beyond
Editors: Tom Avermaete, Véronique Patteeuw, Hans Teerds, Léa-Catherine Szacka (guest editor)

“The text´s importance and critical fortune is incontestable. Widely circulated, it was reworked and published in a number of journals and integrated in Frampton´s Modern Architecture: A Critical History. While the text wished for a novel reading of contemporary theory and practice, it gave rise to the recognition of an important body of work by architects from Spain, Portugal and Scandinavia. This issue of OASE examines the canonical role of Kenneth Frampton´s concept of ´critical regionalism´, reaching beyond its traditional reading. It explicitly searches contributions that explore Frampton´s idea of ´critical regionalism´, exploring both its genealogy and its influence.”

OASE #102 | OASE #103 submission date
Proposals for contributions should be submitted to by 15 May 2018 and must include a proposed title, an abstract (maximum 300 words), as well as the contributor´s name, professional affiliation (if applicable), email address and a short bio (maximum 150 words). 

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