Open House: 4th edition Open House Porto 2018
30th June – 1st July 2018, Porto, Portugal
DATE: 1/7/2018
“The 4th edition of Open House Porto will open doors to 65 spaces on the weekend of June 30 and July 1, 2018.
The selection of spaces under the responsibility of commissioners Inês Moreira and João Paulo Rapagão, "offers a unique opportunity to discover and enjoy unique places, new or old, prostrate in time, recovered or rebuilt." In these two days, "ALL are invited to use and explore this great gear that is the city, machine considered by many the greatest invention produced by Man and by Time".

Participants will have access to an extensive program of visits where they can see and know spaces that are not always accessible to the public.” In openhouseporto website

Exclusively organized and produced by CASA DA ARQUITECTURA (CA) – Portuguese Centre for Architecture, counting with the strategic partnership of the City Hall of Matosinhos, Porto and Gaia.

More details: website