Publication: Reclaiming the use of Fernando Távora´s Municipal Market of Santa Maria da Feira
20th - 21st April 2018, José Marques da Silva Residence-Atelier, Market of Santa Maria da Feira, Porto, Portugal
DATE: 20/4/2018
"Buildings and spaces must be well placed, be well arranged in the location; this quality of good placing gives them a certain air of eternity.” (Fernando Távora)

"The formal part is based on the set of coverings, drawn like protective wings hovering over the ground which is organised in platforms: the "butterfly" cover is adapted to a modulated structure in small pavilions and the aggregation of the elements is made around a central fountain. The use of the morphology of the land, the insertion into the context, defining the urban frontage elevated under a terraced platform facing the street and sheltering the line of shops, reflect the idea of creating a "place" in dialogue with the site and the castle: "up there and always present". If the construction seems to refer to the standards of the modern movement, the overall design, organised meaningfully around a central fountain that gives meaning to the courtyard, represents an obvious liberation from the orthodox principles of CIAM (International Congresses of Modern Architecture), proposing the notion of open reception space."
(Ana Tostões, Modern Portuguese Architecture, IPPAR, 2001)

"Reclaiming the use of Fernando Távora´s Municipal Market of Santa Maria da Feira is the title of the publication which, taking the Municipal Market of Santa Maria da Feira, designed by Fernando Távora, as a case study, makes known the results of research work developed by a group of fifth year students on the Integrated Masters course at the School of Architecture, Minho University, under the direction of Professor Vincenzo Riso.

The work, framed by a programmatic line which aims to promote reflection on the architectural heritage of the 20th century and the issues raised for its contemporary preservation, has brought about the collaboration of a group of architects and teachers - José Bernardo Távora, Carlos Machado, Isabel Valente and José Luís Pita - who give their testimony in this publication, which also contains Álvaro Siza´s perspective on the work of Fernando Távora.

The relevance of the issues raised and the opportunity to rethink this work, designed in 1953, classified as a monument of public interest, practically 60 years after its construction, has brought together the Marques da Silva Foundation, the School of Architecture of Minho University and the City Council of Santa Maria da Feira in the drawing up of a programme which includes a book launch, on 20 April, in the José Marques da Silva Residence-Atelier, a guided tour of the Market on the morning of the following day, and a third session, date to be advised, in Guimarães, at the School of Architecture, for a discussion forum on the pedagogical value of the architectural work of Fernando Távora.

For the book launch, to take place on 20 April 2018 in the José Marques da Silva Residence-Atelier, will be present the representatives of the three institutions - Fátima Marinho (President of the Marques da Silva Foundation), Jorge Correia (representing EAUM) and Gil Ferreira (representing CMSMF) - and, as speakers, Vincenzo Riso, José Bernardo Távora, Carlos Machado and Eduardo Fernandes. The session begins at 1800 hrs and entrance is free, subject only to the availability of space.

The guided tour takes place on the morning of 21 April, starting at 1030 hrs, and will be led by Vincenzo Riso and Carlos Machado. Access is free, requiring only prior registration by email to, or by telephone: 22 5518557. It is limited to 30 participants."
(by FIMS - José Marques da Silva Foundation Institute)

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