Intangible Cultural Heritage
DATE: 27/3/2018
"A web museum to show and share videos, documentaries and studies related with cultural manifestations of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH).
It is grounded on the need to identify, register, preserve and publicise tales, legends, proverbs, and any other form of oral culture: the skills of ancient artisans; the uses and rites prevailing in day-to-day professional, social and family circles.
In this e-Museum you can share all the videos, download documents and sound files. We ask that you always mention MEMORIAMEDIA when using our content.
The contents are organized in sections according to criteria based on the recommendations of UNESCO and national legislation for inventorying the Intangible Cultural Heritage.
MEMORIAMEDIA focuses on promoting community involvement in patrimonialization processes. The project associates the ICH concept to an emic approach, disseminating the idea that intangible culture patrimonialization processes should respect and value those who are directly involved in the production of cultural expressions."

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