Exhibition: A Casa da Democracia, Entre Espaço e Poder
17th February to 15th April 2018, Casa da Arquitectura – Centro Português de Arquitectura, Matosinhos, Portugal
DATE: 15/4/2018
"A Casa da Democracia: entre Espaço e Poder" with curatorship of Susana Ventura, is an exhibition which goal is to expose, to a broader public, the several spaces of the Portuguese Republic built settlement and also to arouse to critical point of view in-between the Space - Power relationship, fundamental to Architecture discipline. 

As Executive Director Nuno Sampaio mentioned, "The determination to promote a close bond between Architecture and Society has driven the remarkable work of Casa da Arquitectura, encouraging not only to reflexion but also the desire for intervention, regarding the absolute need of Architecture to reassume a social and political dimension, lost during the previous three decades." This exhibition, he proceeds, inaugurates "a totaly new and concrete view on Power and Architecture, shown through the transformations developed on Palácio de São Bento along history."

The exhibition can be visited until April 15, 2018

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