Gillo Dorfles (1910-2018)
Gillo Dorfles passed away on 2nd March 2018
DATE: 2/3/2018
"Ho dimenticato metà secolo e sto dimenticando l´altra metà perchè voglio vivere nel futuro"
[I forgot half a century and I´m forgetting the other half because I want to live in the future]

Docomomo International wishes to convey the sincerest condolences at the passing of the great Italian Art Critic, Painter and Philosopher, Gillo Dorfles, to his family and friends.

Gillo Dorfles was born in Triste in 1910 and studied medicine, specializing in psychiatry. Reference researcher and author in the field of Art, Architecture and Aesthetics in the postwar, he was considered the historical father of italian figurative culture. He was a professor in aesthetics at the universities of Florence, Trieste, Venice and Milan. He founded with Atanasio Soldati, Gianni Monnet and Bruno Munari the MAC – Movement for Concrete Art (1989) and he co-founded the ADI – Association for the Industrial Design (1956).

Among other works, Gillo Dorfles published “L’architettura moderna” (1954), "Il divenire delle arti" (1959), "Ultime tendenze dell´arte d´oggi" (1961), "Il kitch" (1968) [Kitsch: The World of Bad Taste, 1969], "Le oscillazioni dal gusto" (1970), "Il divenire della critica" (1976), "Elogio della disarmonia" (1976), "Il feticcio quotidiano" (1988), "Conformisti" (1997).
Among several prizes, Gillo Dorfles was awarded the “Compasso d´oro” from the ADI, the “Matchette Award for Aesthetics” and received the honoris causa doctore degree from the Polytechnic University of Milan and National Autonomous University of Mexico.

More details: Anthologie (exhibition: GILLO DORFLES – Essere nel Tempo [GILLO DORFLES. Be in Time], 2015-2016, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome - MACRO).