Publication: ABE Journal - Architecture Beyond Europe #12
13rd February 2018
DATE: 26/2/2018
"The space of diplomacy. Design and beyond

This issue´s thematic section, guest-edited by Paolo Girardelli, is devoted to "The Space of Diplomacy: Design and Beyond" and includes contributions by Dirk van Gameren and Anteneh Tesfaye Tola; Cristina Pallini and Armando Scaramuzzi; Michela Rosso; and Ke Song and Jianfei Zhu.

This thematic section of ABE features contributions on the role and meanings of embassies and other structures designed for diplomacy, in urban fabrics situated east and south of the Mediterranean. Albeit inherently representative objects, embassies are seldom considered as architectural signifiers, or as parts of the cultural landscape of a city. Starting from Addis Abeba and moving on to Ankara, Kabul and Beijing, the four papers of the section show that while the architecture of diplomacy displaces a fragment of the nation beyond its territorial borders, this movement is never limited to the transfer of technologies and architectural styles. The making of diplomatic landmarks can be assessed as a dialogic process of space production, entailing negotiation and domestication in the foreign context, appropriation and reworking of local symbolic and material resources, interaction with the surrounding social and physical landscape. 

ABE Journal is dedicated to the study of architecture and urbanism for scholars of art, architecture and history. Focusing on colonial and postcolonial aspects of the wider built environment from the 19th century onwards, it also considers issues such as professional networking, the circulation of media, and the transmission of models, technologies and doctrines from and to Europe. Published by the research center InVisu (CNRS/INHA) in Paris, the journal is committed to encouraging a diversity of approaches and methodologies, including cross-cultural and transnational perspectives. The journal is supported by the French Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences (InSHS), National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)."

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