Call for Papers: The Legacy of Bruno Zevi For The XXI Century
30th March 2018, Esempi di Architettura, Italy
DATE: 30/3/2018
"Bruno Zevi died exactly in 2000, at the threshold of the XXI century. In 2018, will be celebrated the Centenary of the birth of the great architectural historian, a sharp observer and a sophisticated scholar of the complex dynamics of XX century architecture, but not just this. By his reading of architecture based on a different way of interpreting history, whose method of investigation is grounded in the concept of counter-history, Zevi gives new interpretative nourishment to the work of architects such as Michelangelo, Borromini, Frank Lloyd Wright, Erich Mendelsohn and many others. These are the terms within which investigating to affirm that Militant Criticism that connotes the entire work of the architect. In 1973 Zevi identifies seven invariants to explain the modern language of architecture under new light, according to an enlightening interpretation that defies the certainties of historicist interpretation, vigorously giving a highly revolutionary and revealing interpretation of modernist space. Meanwhile, in his lecturing activity Zevi introduces an innovative and dynamic system of teaching history of architecture, which considers exactly history as methodology of architectural doing that is history as a fundamental discipline of analysis, comprehension and inspiration for future design.

This issue of "Esempi di Architettura" aims to focus the attention on the legacy of Bruno Zevi´s message, responding to specific questions such as: have we learned how to look at architecture with the Zevian lens and to
which extent does it influence contemporary architecture? The Zevian teaching methodology in history of architecture is still current, and to what extent has it taken root in the national and international architecture schools? Has contemporary design learned to be oriented toward a holistic approach to project, as in the case of Urba-tecture? Can we still talk about anti-historical reading, of renewing history of architecture, of design methodology through history? Is the concept of Zero Degree of architecture, borrowed from Roland Barthes, still current? This issue therefore aims to deepen the legacy left by Zevi for the XXI century, investigating how his revolutionary method is, or may be, widespread and developed both in the historiographical and design domains."

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