Prémios Arquétipo 2017/2018 [Arquétimo Awards 2017/2018]
28th February 2018, Porto, Portugal
DATE: 28/2/2018
"The Northern Regional Section of the Order of Architects launched 1st edition of the ARQuétipo Awards. This award intends to invest the traditional logic of architect as a mere prerequisite for the active agent of the creative process in designing products for the construction market. Instituted with the objective of promoting the development or [re] invention of products, concepts or techniques, with direct applicability, without construction sector.

In each edition, strategic partnerships are established with reference companies with no sector, established in the national market, with a productive component and capacity for innovation, with the expectation that the research and development of the product, likely to be launched in the short and medium term in the market.
To that end, it is nothing more than the construction sector, to the companies associated with this initiative, in the field of the ARCHETYPE INNOVATION PRIZE Nº 41 °.

It will also be awarded a MASTER PREMIUM ARCHETYPE INVESTIGATION Nº 41, with the objective of supporting and encouraging a research and development of the product that the Jury considers more appropriate to the needs and market trends.

The Prizes, which will have a pecuniary value of between € 2500 and € 8500 for the best products and open royalties for the architect who develops the product with the highest commercial potential, assume our objectives an unnecessary and innovative device in the current position of the various agents of the Construction sector, betting on the deep potential interaction and benefit of the high technical skills of the Portuguese Architects."

Translated from the website.

More details: website [Portuguese]