Publication: Les Maisons de la culture en France
by Richard Klein, Editions du patrimoine, collection carnets d’architecture, January 2018
DATE: 22/1/2018
With the creation of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in 1959, the Maisons de la culture became the flagship program for the cultural decentralization policy conducted in France under the auspices of André Malraux. Highlights of the theatrical scene, these Houses have been instruments for the dissemination of the visual arts, music or cinema, and in some cases, architectural culture.

But, between the House of Culture of Bourges, which takes place in a building of the late thirties and the House of Culture of Chambery which is significant of a trend of the eighties, spreads a corpus and a duration that mostly show a variety of procedures, style and situations. The different versions of the Maisons de la culture architecture, between monumental rigidity and programmatic flexibility, express the filiation of these buildings with the houses of the people but also the contradictions and ambiguities of a centralized cultural project confronted with local particularities.