Publication: Rebel Modernists. Viennese Architecture since Otto Wagner
by Liane Lefaivre, Lund Humphries Publishers, 2018
DATE: 16/1/2018
"Rebel Modernists
Viennese Architecture since Otto Wagner
by Liane Lefaivre
Lund Humphries Publishers, London

In her publication Rebel Modernists. Viennese Architecture since Otto Wagner, Liane Lefaivre addresses the topic of the influence of Modernism on Austrian architecture. To kick-off the Otto Wagner Anniversary Year 2018 at the MAK, and after presentations in London and Zurich, she is now launching her book in Vienna.

Lefaivre has investigated the history of Viennese architecture from the early 20th century until today, underlining the particularly polarised struggle during that time that has opposed modern and anti-modern movements, not only in architecture but in all areas of culture and politics. She will be giving a talk about Otto Wagner as one of the most counter-cultural, modernising figures of his time who, like Karl Kraus, rebelled against the deeply rooted conservatism of fin-de-siècle Vienna. She will present him as a predecessor of Red Vienna of the interwar period and of the Austrian Phenomenon of the 1960s and seventies. She also will be discussing the salutary effects of these instances of "shock therapy."

A Book of the Year 2017, Edwin Heathcote, Financial Times:
"Vienna has been in the vanguard of architecture for the past three centuries. This survey covers all the key figures to explain how this small city has maintained its fascinating radical traditions and an architecture of surprising social equity.""

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