Publication: Les Multiples Vies de l´appartement-atelier Le Corbusier [The Multiple Lives of the Le Corbusier apartment-studio]
Franz Graf and Giulia Marino, Collection Cahiers du TSAM, PPUR, 2017
DATE: 20/12/2017
"The apartment-studio of Le Corbusier is one of the iconic objects of the twentieth century, combining the undeniable material value of the built work to that immaterial dwelling of the architect. Le Corbusier, who lived there from 1934 until his death in 1965, made it a permanent building site, a place of space experimentation, plastic and constructive. By its successive transformations, the "24NC" is a true palimpsest. His "multiple lives" today pose a major ethical problem for the safeguarding. From its material history over the long term emerges a clear observation: the "stratigraphy" of the object built, alsodifficult to unravel as rich in meaning, participates by right in its importance. Illustrated with a rich iconography and largely unpublished, this first monograph devoted to the studio apartment is the result of research carried out by the laboratory TSAM (Techniques and safeguarding modern architecture) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ( EPFL), on behalf of the Le Corbusier Foundation, and as part of the preliminary reflections on the restoration project.Le Corbusier´s studio-apartment is an iconic object of the twentieth century, combining the indisputable material values ​​of the building with the intangible "sense of place" of an architect´s home. Le Corbusier, who lived there from 1934 until his death in 1965, treated it as a permanent construction site - a unique place of space, plastic and constructional experimentation. Phases of change at "24NC" are overlaid as a palimpsest, and the apartment´s "many lives" create major philosophical problems for conservation. A study of its material history reveals a simple fact: the "stratigraphy" itself, hard to unscramble yet rich in meaning, is key to the object´s importance. This first monograph on the studio-apartment, richly illustrated with largely unpublished visual material, presents TSAM research for the Foundation Le Corbusier during preparatory investigations for the program of restoration."

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