Exhibition: Construir um paraíso perdido [Build a lost paradise]
13th October 2017 - 18th January 2018, Casa-Atelier José Marques, Porto, Portugal
DATE: 18/1/2018
"The exhibition-installation Building a lost paradise, with research, design and coordination of Manuel Mendes exposes an unpublished project by Alfredo Matos Ferreira and Álvaro Siza - "Housing Dr. Américo Durão", an experience that remained reserved in the archive "but at the same time evokes" the daily struggle of the architects of Porto in the 50s and 60s for the practical manifestation of the full citizenship of architecture, for the autonomy of practicing architecture. 

On October 13, at the Casa-Atelier José Marques da Silva, in an exercise of confronting the language and the atmosphere of the apparatus, the house-atelier brand, playing with its precepts of composition and disposition, forcing the existing architecture for other experiences of space, scale, form, expression, meaning."

More details: website + PDF below [Portuguese]