Exhibition: Architecture on Paper: Architectural Drawings of Japan 1970s-1990s
31st October 2017 - 4 February 2018, The National Archives of Modern Architecture, Tokyo, Japan
DATE: 4/2/2018
The National Archives of Modern Architecture in Tokyo are holding an exhibition of architectural drawings including preliminary sketches, design drawings, construction drawings, presentation renderings, and even imaginative worlds on paper independent of any actual design-to-construction process. Exhibitors are WATANABE Youji, ISOZAKI Arata, FUJII Hiromi, HARA Hiroshi, AIDA Takefumi, Atelier Zo, ANDO Tadao, MOZUNA Kiko, SUZUKI Ryoji, YAMAMOTO Riken and TAKAMATSU Shin, some of whom are responsible for docomomo Japan selected buildings.

The drawings come from the period after the Osaka Expo, when architects poured extensive energy into developing their drawings beyond practical requirements. Sheets grew larger, techniques diversified, and drawings came to be appreciated as works of art in their own right. Since CAD came into wide use in the 1990s, hand-drawn architectural plans have become rare, and the art of drawing has fallen into decline. What significance did the drawings of the post-postwar architects have in their time? What questions do they pose for us today? This exhibition reflects upon these themes. 

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