Call for Papers: The Other City: History and Image of Urban Diversity: Places and Landscapes of Privilege and Well-being, of Isolation, of Poverty, and of Multiculturalism
25th-27th October 2018, Palazzo Gravina, Naples, Italy
DATE: 15/1/2018
"In modern and contemporary history, the city has taken account of social ‘otherities’, namely of privileged classes, minorities, foreigners and immigrants, and of resulting cultural and religious diversity. The urban community has structured some parts of its fabric as places of political, military or class power, other parts as spaces for arrivals, for production and trade, but also for isolation, marginalization or remedy for catastrophe.

In the modern age, the image of the ‘other´ city’ is often falsified or even denied by rulers and powerful people for purposes of political appearance or propaganda; and if, between the eighteenth and twentieth century, new methods of representation can reveal the structure and the urban landscape in their objectivity, the city portrait still shows the contradictions of a community that sometimes includes or even enhances the diversities, other times rejects them, betraying the malaise of a difficult integration."

Key dates
Abstract submission: 15th January 2018
Abstracts valuation and acceptance notification: 20th February 2018
Full papers: 15th May 2018
Double-blind peer review of papers and notification to authors: 15th June 2018
Payment of the partecipation fees: 30th June 2018
E-book publication: 25th October 2018

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