Publication: Lina Bo Bardi - The Most Beloved Architect in Brazil
Etsuko Watari (ed.), TOTO, November 2017
DATE: 22/11/2017
"Lina Bo Boardi - The Most Beloved Architect in Brazil is published by TOTO Japan on Wednesday, November 22.

Born in Rome, Italy, Lina Bo (1914-1992) was a female architect who, after studying architecture in Italy and gaining practical experience, migrated to Brazil after the war and contributed to the modernization and democratization of Brazilian architecture. Contrary to the national project of Oscar Niemeyer (1907-2012) who built the cornerstone of Brazilian modernist architecture, Rina pursued an open architecture, prioritizing the people who would use her buildings. Her work combines both the theory of modern architecture and the indigenous charm of Brazilian culture.

In this book, in addition to major architectural works such as the Glass House, Sao Paulo Museum of Art, SESC Pompeii Culture Center and Teatro Officina,  showcases her furniture, curation, stage and landscape design It encompasses her wide range of creative activities. It is full of valuable archival materials such as drawings, memoranda and new architectural photographs taken for this book. Also included is a preface by architectural critic and Brazilian ambassador to Japan, Andrea Cohoa de Largo, and interviews with two globally renowned architects, Kazuyo Sejima and Yukue Tsukamoto.

Lina´s energy-infused work and lifelong motto, "Creation must be to create a free world for people", are reevaluated from a multifaceted perspective and positioned in the present architectural world. Ths is the definitive version of Bo Bardi´s collection of works."