Publication: Socialist Modernism in Romania and the Republic of Moldova
BACU Association, November 2017
DATE: 10/11/2017
"As a result of B.A.C.U. Association´s efforts to publish the Socialist Modernist research, we are happy to announce that the album "Socialist Modernism in Romania and the Republic of Moldova" is available starting November 10, in 800 copies.

The album includes landmarks of socialist modernist architecture in Romania and the Republic of Moldova - from 1955 to 1989/91. B.A.C.U. Association introduces and explains socialist modernist tendencies, it presents – in color photographs – a functional image of the buildings and their often original elements that synthesize local culture and traditions, while bringing us up to date with their current state of conservation.

Print run 800
Pages 192
Romanian and English
Size 26x28.5 cm
Weight 1.25 kg
Designed by BACU Assocation (

Those who support us and have repeatedly asked to see our research published and anyone who is interested in Socialist Modernism will be able to purchase the album on our fundraising campaign page, by selecting BOOK from among the perks listed under the DONATION LEVELS section on the right. The album project is co-financed by AFCN - The National Cultural Fund Administration.The project does not necessarily reflect the position of the AFCN.

#SocialistModernism #_BA_CU"

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