Conference: Zaporizhia Modernism and Bauhaus School: Universality of Phenomena. Problems of Preserving Modernist Heritage
19th-20th November 2017, Zaporizhia, Ukraine
DATE: 19/11/2017
"The conference ´Zaporizhia modernism and Bauhaus school: universality of phenomena. Problems of preserving modernist heritage´,  will be held on 19–20 November, 2017, in Zaporizhia, Ukraine, as a part of ´German Weeks in Zaporizhia´ series of events. The organisators of conference are the NGO Urban Forms Center supported by Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany and in partnership with Bauhaus University. Zaporizhia is significant city on Dnieper for the history of Soviet modernism, where the various objects of residential and public functions of so called constructivism are presented. 

The conference will be dedicated to such problems as theory and history of housing construction in the interwar modernist period, procedures and mechanisms of protecting architectural and urban objects of interwar modernism, features and technologies of restoring architectural monuments of interwar modernism. Besides this, as a part of conference, the seminars for NGO activists,  city administration representatives and heritage defenders, a participatory project for the one of the Sotsgorod district inhabitants, guided tours  for conference participant on the Sotsgorod and in the DniproHES Machine Room, designed by architects Vesnin brothers and Сolly in 1928, will be held."

Preliminary program: PDB below