Guided tour of the historical and current uses of the Vienna Nordwestbahnhof
20th October 2017, Vienna, Austria
DATE: 20/10/2017
"Artists´ interventions provide a route through the diverse historical uses of the extensive area that is the Nordwestbahnhof: it leads to a de-commissioned container terminal, to individual traders in small-scale units, a driving school which uses it as a practice area, a bus park or the storage space of a production design company and to our own project space in which we show how the magnificent Nordwestbahnhof passenger halls have been put to temporary use since the fall of the Danube Monarchy. It will also demonstrate how, after the Second World War, the whole area was re-purposed as a modern trans-shipment node that is shortly to be converted into a new residential estate [more images about the history].

3 p.m. Meeting point: Tracing Spaces project space, NordwestbahnhofTour with Michael Hieslmair and Michael Zinganel, Project initiators Inputs from: Martin Kaltwasser, artist and architect and project participant | Predrag Jankovic, property manager and member of warehouse staff with the production design company, Props & Co | contemporary historians Petra Mayrhofer, Agnes Meisinger and Magdalena Neumüller on the ´snow palace´ in 1927 and Rosemarie Burgstaller on the Nazi propaganda exhibition, ´The Eternal Jew´ in 1938 With art works from: Katrin Hornek | Martin Kaltwasser | Helmut & Johanna Kandl | Zara Pfeifer | Gabriele Sturm | Johanna Tinzl | Ina Weber | Michael Hieslmair und Michael Zinganel [more images about artistic interventions].

Venue: Tracing Spaces LABNordwestbahnhof, Taborstraße 95, Ladestraße 1, 1200 Vienna |Map:
Registration: | +43 699 12358298
A project by Tracing Spaces"