UAE Modern 2017: Conservation and Reuse of Modern Architecture
14th - 15th November 2017, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
DATE: 15/11/2017
"The initiative aims at spreading awareness on the value of architectural experimentation and achievements of the period between the 1950s and the 1980s, in which the UAE and their neighbour countries shifted from their traditional urban and architectural settings to cope with the challenges that were emerging from fast economic growth.


Thanks to increased awareness by institutional bodies on the crucial role of architectural heritage and fostering the identity of the Nation. Important targets have been achieved in the last two decades in the Region in the field of documentation and conservation with most of the actions taken focused on buildings and heritage sites prior to the 1950s. An important program has been developed for bringing back to life the “Heart of Sharjah”, with the Abu Dhabi Culture and Tourism Authority leading actions towards the valorisation of its tangible and intangible heritage. Driven by the recognition in its territory of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Dubai has accomplished many restoration projects of defensive and residential buildings, old mosques, schools and souks. These are some of the important milestones of a journey that aims at fostering the Emirati self-consciousness on its own history and culture, as it moves forward to encompassing the regions more recent urban and architectural accomplishments, and the conservation of their most significant outcomes.


The conference aims at sharing ideas and experiences on the conservation of modern architecture and will help broaden the discussion on a subject that already punctuates the cultural debate in the region. The conference brings together institutional experts, committed to the conservation of architectural heritage, and acclaimed professionals who are actively practicing in this field, researchers who have contributed to the study and the recognition of the UAE cultural legacy and public and private stakeholders.

The conference will give the local institutional bodies a chance to present the achievements and projects that are currently under construction and will help in spreading the awareness of the role played by architectural conservationists, within the creative industry, and its contribution to the development of cultural tourism."

Docomomo will be represented by Andrea Canziani (Co-Chair ISC/Education+Theory, Docomomo Italy),  George Arbid (Chair of Docomomo Lebanon) and  Asseel Al-Ragam (Docomomo Kuwait).

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