Akademie-Dialogue with Klaus Lederer, Wilfried Wang and Jeanine Meerapfel
17th October 2017, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany
DATE: 17/10/2017
"Several reconstructions of buildings, a new interactive monuments monument in the historical center, as well as a museum with a large saddle roof in the cultural forum will be located in the center of Berlin. The decision-making processes followed democratic principles, but they are still being discussed intensively, sometimes polemically. Should a new ethnological museum be represented outside by a three-sided castle façade? Does a 50-meter-wide seesaw best refer to the unification process of the two German states? And does the barn design suitably represent a modern art museum? What kind of content does society need, and in which forms should they be expressed and shaped? Jeanine Meerapfel, filmmaker and academician-president, will discuss these questions with Klaus Lederer, the cultural and European cultural director, and the architect and academician, Wilfried Wang, on Tuesday, October 17th. The event takes place in the series of academy dialogues. Here, Jeanine Meerapfel is looking for a personal and focused conversation with her guests from the fields of art, science, politics and cultural policy. The audience is invited to participate in the discussion.A further academy event on 15 November will focus on the architectural design of the Museum of Modern Art for 20th century art. One year after the competition, Jacques Herzog of the Basel-based architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron presented the revised draft."

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