Congress: Los Aņos CIAM en Espaņa: La otra Modernidad [The CIAM Years in Spain: The Other Modernity]
19th-20th October 2017, Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid, Madrid, Spain
DATE: 19/10/2017
"It is a commonplace that the stories we have had so many times by officers and allegedly closed were never, by partial and so often sectarian. After any possible chapter, however short, it is easy to discover omissions, contradictions, revelations, even ignorance, which always end up offering a different version, more complex than the initial, and therefore more precise and accurate.If we speak of architecture and the Spanish of the twentieth century, we know well that the circumstances and vicissitudes of our particular history - from any angle we choose - have only caused differences and nuances of difficult cataloging, if not open dissonance with respect to The currents and movements proposed as canonical. Thus, in the face of the orthodoxy dictated by the CIAM and those who wanted to receive it, the development of Spanish political events did nothing more than multiply diverse and different options and readings. From the last years of the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera and the proclamation of the Second Republic to the Stabilization Plan and the embrace between Franco and Eisenhower, not a few personal declinations added their voices to the various themes that are proposed, Some to make Spanish architecture part of the current European trends and the desire of others to follow dictates and more classicist and national patterns.It is the Spanish architecture of this 30-year arch that Congress intends to discuss. Rather than a large collection of communications, it aims to obtain a series of debates held by the speakers on the various issues that articulate the proposed theme. Therefore, the accepted communications grouped around them in each of the sessions will be the preamble of the corresponding tables, where the members of the Scientific Council will lead debates that, with more time than usual, will allow to complete and discuss with each other. Therefore, Congress will have as its ultimate goal to add contributions discussed and contrasted, so that the debates and their results will end up contributing and outlining the reference value that is intended."

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