Exhibition: 100 Years of Finish Design
20th June – 29th October 2017, Nationalmuseum Design, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm, Sweden
DATE: 29/10/2017
"Rafaela Seppälä-Forsblom and Kaj Forsblom have been dedicated collectors of artefacts and applied art by Finnish designers, architects and artists since the early 2000s. The collection began with a simple glass bottle by Ristomatti Ratia given to Ms Seppälä as a Valentine’s Day gift in 1999 by her future husband Kaj Forsblom.
Since that time, the collection has grown to encompass a range of 20th-century artefacts and contemporary Finnish design and objets d’art, reflecting Finland’s development as a nation from 1900 to the present day."

The exhibition has more than 200 pieces by 28 designers, architects and artists. A variety of works including pieces by Alvar Aalto, Maija Isola, Toini Muona, Gunnel Nyman, Ristomatti Ratia, Eliel Saarinen, Timo Sarpaneva, Paavo Tynell and Tapio Wirkkala are on display."

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