Publication: Le Monde d´Alberto Sartoris, dans le Miroir de ses Archives [The World of Alberto Sartoris, in the Mirror of his Archives]
by Antoine Baudin, EPFL Press, 2017
DATE: 7/9/2017
"Architect, propagandist and artistic promoter, Alberto Sartoris (1901-1998) played an important role as a relay, if not a pioneer, in the International Modern Movement. Its long trajectory and its many activities are extensively documented in its archives, given to the Swiss Confederation in 1985 and deposited in the Modern Construction Archives (EPFL). This fund has hitherto been exploited in a very selective manner: whole sections of the architect´s work have remained unpublished, as has its intensive critical production in the field of the plastic arts and its historiographical investigations aimed at inscribing modernism in the great tradition. These are the different aspects of this trajectory rich in paradoxes that attempts to reconstruct the present work from the documentation kept in the fund. Alberto Sartoris´ activities are described in the contrasting cultural and political contexts in which he has tried to accommodate his aesthetic, social and technical options: fascist Italy, then Christian Democrat, Francoist Spain, or Paris in the 1950s. also and especially French-speaking Switzerland, a permanent framework for its work. For his singularity, his case also illustrates the emergence and functioning of the new modernist institutions where he has rarely found full recognition - if not very late and with the ambiguous title of witness."

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