Movie Session: Vilanova Artigas — O Arquiteto e a Luz [Vilanova Artigas — The Architect and the Light]
7th September 2017, Casa das Artes, Porto, Portugal
DATE: 7/9/2017
"Casa da Arquitectura presents the documentary "Vilanova Artigas — O Arquiteto e a Luz" [Vilanova Artigas - The Architect and the Light] by Laura Artigas and Pedro Gorsky at the Casa das Artes in Porto on 7th September 2017. The film follows a conversation with two grandchildren of the Brazilian architect, Laura Artigas, the director and Marco Artigas, also architect, moderated by the Executive Director of Casa da Arquitectura, arch. Nuno Sampaio. Admission is free and subject to room capacity. 

The session is supported by Casa das Artes (Porto) and the Direcção Regional de Cultura do Norte [Regional Directorate of Culture of the North]. The documentary premiered in 2015, the year of Vilanova Artigas´ centennial celebrations in Brazil, was the winner in the Lusophone category, Portuguese language films, of the third edition of the Film Festival Architectures. 

The documentary "Vilanova Artigas: the architect and the light" follows the trajectory of the iconic Brazilian architect João Batista Vilanova Artigas. Between memories of family members, friends, students, archive images and visits to six of his main works, Artigas´ life story is told in this film written and directed by Laura Artigas, granddaughter of the architect. The documentary is co-directed by Pedro Gorski and produced by Gal Buitoni and Luiz Ferraz, by Olé Produções. 

In a studio that works as a living room, "relatives, friends, students and collaborators remember the facts and the sensations provoked by the coexistence with Vilanova Artigas. His daughter Rosa Artigas leads the story, with the help of former assistants Paulo Mendes da Rocha and Pedro Paulo de Melo Saraiva, former students Ruy Ohtake and Jon Maitrejan, friends Juca de Oliveira and Arménio Guedes, client Juvenal Juvêncio,

Among other storytellers, "explains the film´s synopsis. The interviews are "interspersed by walks in some of his most recognized works. They are: the residences of the architect in the neighborhood of Campo Belo, the Louveira Building, the Morumbi Stadium, the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo, the Housing Complex Zezinho Magalhães (CECAP - Guarulhos) and the City of Jaú, in the interior of São Paulo. These buildings remain standing and in the film are presented from the viewpoint of their goers. The locksmith Ezequiel presents the windows of the Louveira Building, in Higienápolis; Raí, the former São Paulo player and a supporter, present the Morumbi Stadium. FAU-USP students comment on the experience of studying in the building. "Nardo," the experienced construction master, recalls the construction of the Jaú bus station."

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