Publication: Escritos de Victor Pérez Escolano. Sinuosidades de un Itinerario Nunca Interrumpido [Writings by Victor Pérez Escolano. Sinuosities of a Itinerary Never Interrupted]
by Carlos García Vásquez and Mar Loren-Méndez (coords.), Universidad de Sevilla, 2017
DATE: 29/8/2017
"With this book, the University of Seville pays homage to the academic legacy of Victor Perez Escolano, Professor of History, Theory and Architectural Composition of the School of Architecture. FAMA Award from our university, this publication covers in 11 thematic chapters the exceptional itinerary traveled by Victor Perez Escolano, who claims at every step the architect´s research mission, his commitment to teaching and a determined public vocation.

Its trajectory has opened roads little traveled by the architectural research and is at the present forced reference of the history of the architecture. This publication brings together the voices of institutions at national and international level and the recognition of those who have been fortunate to learn, research and work with it."

The Chair of Docomomo International, Prof. Ana Tostões, wrote the text "A arte do desassombro e a coragem de conduzir um programa" for the book.

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