Call for Postdoc Grant: Politécnico di Milano
7th September 2017, Politécnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
DATE: 7/9/2017
"The Modscapes project is built on 5 question-driven Work Packages dealing with 13 case studies, three of which covered by the Milan team:
Work Packages (WPs 1 to 4 are conceived to consolidate research-driven and bottom-up knowledge around the topic, while WP5 aims at opening new policy-oriented and design-oriented research directions in the field).
  • WP1: Documenting agricultural development and colonization schemes – What was debated and planned?
  • WP2: Physical legacies – What was realized and what remains? (co-lead POLIMI).
  • WP3: Sociocultural impacts – What was the impact of agricultural development and colonization schemes on the broader cultural context? (Lead POLIMI)
  • WP4: Memories and perceptions – How do people see modernist rural landscapes today?
  • WP5: Changes and challenges – Which are the present and future challenges for agricultural development and colonization schemes?
While supporting the PI in coordination activities, the research associate will mainly deal with Work Packages. This will imply:
  • organisation of material concerning the three case studies covered by the Milan team according to the research protocols defined for each WP
  • collection (from other teams) and organisation of research material included in Work Package 3, concerning all case studies
The successful applicant may be required to travel aboad for fieldwork, dissemination and networking activitities for periods spanning from a few days to two months."

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