Exhibition: Melnikov / Le Corbusier: Meeting at the Villa Savoye
15th April - 17th September 2017, Villa Savoye, Poissy, France
DATE: 17/9/2017
"In the spring of 1925 two young promising architects – Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (also known as Le Corbusier) and Konstantin Melnikov – met at the Paris International Exhibition. The unusual pavilions they had designed were located not far from each other. They met and talked but parted ways forever after that. A few years later both masters created chef d’oevres of residential architecture: Melnikov – his house-studio in Moscow, and Le Corbusier – the villa Savoye near Paris.

It has been almost 90 years when in 2016 both iconic buildings become twin monuments, and dialogue between two architects now continues. This exhibition is the first presentation of Konstantin Melnikov’s works ‘at Le Corbusier’s place’ in the grounds of the Villa Savoye.
In distant echo of the architects’ discussions the exhibition shows the works of Melnikov in front of the Villa Savoye with help of outdoor installations and presents the Melnikov House through the series of architectural drawings, historical and contemporary photos, animation and 3D visualisation inside the Villa.

Exhibition is organized by the Centre des monuments nationaux (France), the Schusev State Museum of Architecture (Russia) and the State Melnikovs Museum (Russia).

Curators: Pavel Kuznetsov, Anna Kistanova (Russia) and David Madec (France)."

More details: website [french] + Iconic Houses Facebook page [english]