Conference: Young Bauhaus Research Conference 2017: Modern Heritage in the MENA region
30 -31 August 2017, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Weimar, Germany
DATE: 30/8/2017
"Significant works of modern architecture and urbanism have been destroyed and forgotten in the past due to lack of recognition and protection by law – in particular in the Middle East and North Africa. What we create today will be of interest for the next generations and it is our responsibility to identify, document and preserve it. The Young Bauhaus Research Conference (YBRC) "Modern Heritage in the MENA region" aims to highlight the challenges faced by architects, urbanists and engineers identifying, preserving, and documenting modern heritage. (...)

The conference invites engagement in a multidisciplinary discussion and exploration of new approaches and strategies regarding the different aspects of Modern Heritage. It focuses mainly on the 19th and 20th century legacy of architecture and urban planning in the Middle East and North Africa. This conference brings to attention the susceptibility of heritage of modern movement in the MENA region which is caused by socio-economic and political conditions."

Sponsored by DAAD, the conference is free of charge with registration.

More info: pdf below + website