Conference: Resilience in Modernist Buildings
23rd-24th November 2017, Detmold, Germany
DATE: 1/7/2017
Since the beginning of the 21st Century climate change and globalisation have influenced the world and all societies tremendously and have also affected the way we are building. Safety and security requirements are increasing and consequently influencing the design of the building envelope. ‘Resilience’ describes the function and ability of buildings and their facades to recover from or adjust easily to change; this can either be in a direct way to specific stresses forced by water, wind, fire, explosion, earthquake or thermal vulnerability but also in an
indirect way seen as a general ability of adaptivity to different changes. These issues will be addressed at the Conference Façade 2017 from different academic and professional perspectives. The Re-use of Modern Buildings (RMB) project will organise a RMB SESSION Resilience in Modernist Buildings within the framework of the Conference Façade 2017 in Detmold Germany, November 23th/24th, 2017. Contributions are invited to put under discussion the theme of Resilience focused on the façades of modernist buildings from the 20th century.
For this session a total of nine papers will be selected, three of which from PhD students. Speakers presentation should take no more than 15 minutes and discussion are included in the session.