Call for Applications: Open Course ´Architecture and Drawing - 20th Century Multi-Family Housing´, 2nd edition
22 September 2017 - 26 January 2018, FAUP, Porto, Portugal
DATE: 11/8/2017
"The online applications for the 2nd edition of the Open Course ´Architecture and Drawing - 20th Century Multi-Family Housing´ are now open on the Faculty of Architecture - University of Porto (FAUP) website from 20 July until 11 August, 2017. Classes begin on 22 September, 2017, and finish on 26 January, 2018.

Starting from the premise that nowadays there is a clear difficulty among students in identifying, observing, recording and retaining, quickly and efficiently, many of the facts and structuring forms in the composition of an architectural work, fostered by the diffusion means celerity of current architectural images on digital media, this Open Course aims to foster the capacity to concentrate the look at relevant facts of an image, a drawing or a comment, with acuity and effectiveness. Consequently, the course unit´s goal is to help build and develop the ability to observe, highlight, and understand (and represent, by quick design) the essential architectural signifiers to project analysis.

The Open Course is structured around a set of multi-family housing singular cases and explores the various drawing meanings in project: the design understood as a conception and communication means but above all, as a way of thinking, understanding and doing architecture; the design understood as a preferential instrument in the project in-depth study - its conceptual options/models and respective composition themes/principles.

Coordinated by architects and teachers André Santos e Maria José Casanova, the Open Course ´Architecture and Drawing - 20th Century Multi-Family Housing´ stems from the interest of
researchers associated to Housing study, invited to lecture in the optional course “Architecture and Drawing”, within the Master Degree in Architecture at FAUP.

The teaching staff includes: André Santos, António Madureira, Domingos Tavares, Francisco Barata, Francisco Fontes, Helder Casal Ribeiro, Luís Soares Carneiro, Luís Viegas, Marco Ginoulhiac, Maria José Casanova e Marta Rocha.

The course is designed for students from the University of Porto interested in the thematics, students of architecture, architects and general public. This training has a cost of 70 € for members of the academic community of U.Porto (students, teachers, researchers and administrative staff) and 100 € for the general public.

The applications, limited to the maximum of ten (10) available vacancies, are opened from 20 July until 11 August, 2017."

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