Publication: Giulio Minoletti. Lo Spettacolo dell´Architettura [The Show of Architecture]
by Maria Cristina Loi, Christian Sumi, Annalisa Viati Navone, SilvanaEditoriale, 2017
DATE: 17/7/2017
"The volume explores the production of Giulio Minoletti (1910-1981), architect, urbanist and designer of Milan, according to the various themes of his works. Starting from the scientific and intellectual biography and the professional beginnings - already marked by the propensity to "absorb" from other disciplinary domains, particularly artistic, processes, figures, types of pictorial composition and graphics - the volume reconstructs Minoletti´s position in the first debate Post-war urban planning and the commitment of the modernization of the Milan railway stations; His talent to operate in delicate contexts, especially in the historical fabric of the city of Milan. Where it demonstrates spatial sensitivity and mastery in deferring the past to the past and seeking new modern solutions, such as the VIlle Condominium overlapping the Arcadia Gardens; And his ability as a space and display space builder and "moving architecture" (including the famous ETR 300 - Settebello and BZ 308).

A rich and complete volume, wanted by the Archives of the Modern of Mendrisio, to learn about an author who has not yet been explored and known to date, but finds in this volume an exceptional tale of his works and his multifaceted activities, a rare occasion And densely expressed to approach one of the best authors of the 20th century Italian architecture."

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