Exhibition: Viagem ao Invisível [Journey to the Invisible]
29th July - 31st August 2017, Teatro Thalia, Lisbon, Portugal
DATE: 29/7/2017
"The trip to the invisible is a journey through what is out of reach, of what exists beyond our daily lives. It is an itinerary through places we do not know, ignore or forget. Places that, for various reasons, exist in the shadows, spaces that are inaccessible or inapprehensible. However, these places persist in our culture, are inscribed in the collective memory. There are, therefore, but essentially in the form of registers, images and narratives, be they historical or contemporary, real or imaginary, artistic or documentary. The trip to the invisible presents a set of experiences and representations that participate, with curiosity and amazement, in the challenge of making visible the invisible."

More details: PDF below [Portuguese]