Exhibition: The Swiss Touch in Landscape Architecture
4th July- 3rd October 2017, Instituti Albanologjik, Prishtina, Kosovo
DATE: 4/7/2017
Between 4th July and 3rd October 2017 , The "Swiss touch in Landscape Architecture" exhibition, curated by Prof.Michael Jacob with the help of Pro-Helvetica, will be held at Instituti Albanologjik, Prishtina, Kosovo. 

"The present exhibition hints at the richness, diversity and complexity of this fascinating field. The visitor is invited to discover the influence of the history of gardens and the important role played by the pioneers of Swiss landscape architecture. The visitor will also see the crucial function of national exhibitions, including the more recent Lausanne Jardins – the successful international festival of urban garden design. The second section – the core of The Swiss Touch in Landscape Architecture – provides a survey of the most significant landscape architecture studios. The last section, “nouvelle vague”, presents the works of a new generation of landscape architects. The chosen examples intend to highlight the centrality of a profession, which thoroughly changes our spatial, visual and social reality."

More Details: pdf below