Exhibition: Dans l’intimité de l’Atelier du 35, rue de Sèvres Point de vue d’un amateur, Ernest Weissmann Bobines inédites / 1929-1930
31st March - 1st July 2017, Maison La Roche, Paris, France
DATE: 1/7/2017
In 1929 and 1930, Ernest Weissmann, collaborator of Le Corbusier, filmed the activities of the workshop 35 rue de Sèvres with an amateur camera. He is interested in the site of the Salvation Army and that of the Villa Savoye. These images, captured by a young collaborator on the workshop team, provide us with an original document about the environment and how it was organized: departure from Le Corbusier for Moscow, visit to the Stein-de-Monzie villa, meeting Work with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, realization of the diorama of the Mundaneum...

These reels have long remained unpublished because of the support used but the images are now available as a result of their digitization.

The choice has been made to present in this exhibition photograms extracted from various sequences, for the most part images that emanate from fixed framing. The selection of the photograms makes it possible to isolate these significant fugitive moments and to focus on their factual content and the quality of the frame while disregarding the virtuosity of the operator:
- Working at the workshop 35 rue de Sèvres
- Departure to Moscow
- The Mundaneum diorama
- Filming the construction site of the villa Savoye

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