Debate: Closing of Victor Palla and Bento dŽAlmeidaŽs Exhibition: Arquitetura de outro tempo [Architecture of Another Time]
10th June 2017, Garagem Sul, Lisbon, Portugal
DATE: 10/6/2017
A closing debate of the exhibition Victor Palla and Bento dŽAlmeida: architecture of another time, featuring Bárbara Coutinho and Diogo Aguiar, will happen on the 10th of June 2017. 

"In the middle of the XX century, the architecture of Victor Palla and Bento dŽAlmeida brought new colors and rhythms for the construction of the city social spaces to Lisbon. From the snack bar with "American" counters to the dynamic geometry of the tiles, this pair of architects created a new way of working, breaking the academic sense of authorŽs works and providing an office capable of responding to a changing society...The originality of the work asks architects of today: what can be learned from the built forms and the ways of practice of the office of Palla and Bento dŽAlmeida? What lessons can be drawn at a time when the State backs off in its practice of building a city and opens space for the private order? Can the 21st century be as colorful and dynamic as the seductive forms of Palla and Bento dŽAlmeidaŽs work?"

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