Exhibition: Victor Palla e Bento dŽAlmeida: Arquitectura de Outro Tempo [Architecture of Another Time]
11th April - 18th June 2017, Garagem Sul, CCB, Lisbon, Portugal
DATE: 18/6/2017
Between 11th April and 18th June 2017 the exhibition Victor Palla e Bento dŽAlmeida: Arquitectura de outro tempo [Architecture of another time] will be held at Garagem Sul, CCB, Lisbon Portugal.

"The work of the architects Victor Palla (1922-2006) and Joaquim Bento dŽAlmeida (1918-1997), recognized by the historiography and criticism of Portuguese architecture, has not yet been the subject of public exposure. Being part of a generation of architects who joined to the principles of the Modern Movement, the professional activity of this pair was manifested over 25 years (1947-1973). With more than 700 projects, they were responsible for the modernization of countless commercial establishments, factories, primary schools, permanent housing (single-family housing and multi-family housing) and temporary housing (tourist hotels and holiday villages), extending the activity to the areas of design and the arts. Celebrated as precursors in the introduction of the American model of snack bar in Portugal for seventeen years, they were also in charge of the single-family housing projects that EVA magazine raffled for Christmas."

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