Online Catalog: Collection of Paintings of the Marques da Silva Foundation
DATE: 22/5/2017
"The Catalog of the Collection of Paintings of the Marques da Silva Foundation can now be consulted online. Taking the title "From the portrait to the landscape", he presents 118 works by Marques da Silva throughout his life, framed by the research carried out by Artur Vasconcelos, which is his work, and a preface by Raquel Henriques da Silva.†

The paintings, mostly exemplified by Portuguese naturalism, are organized in chronological order of the authors represented, where the architect Josť Marques da Silva himself is enrolled as a water-bearer. Portrait, Landscape, Experience of Atelier and Representation of the Sacred were the denominators proposed to create a cartography of this collection, strongly marked by the artistic taste, affections and affinities woven by its collector, and thus support its reading, contributing to a better understanding .†

In this Catalog you can find works by more expectant authors such as Marques de Oliveira, Veloso Salgado or Abel Cardoso, as well as some surprises, such as Malhoa, Heitor Cramez, Sousa Pinto or works by the sisters Aurelia and Sofia de Sousa."

Online Catalog: website