2nd workshop European Year of Cultural Heritage
24th June 2017, Mechelen, Belgium
DATE: 24/6/2017
"E-FAITH has been appointed as a member of the EU stakeholders committee for the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH). We are able to advise the departments of the European Commission on various aspects of EYCH2018, not the less on the approach and the position of the industrial heritage within this year.
It is thus important to formulate strong concepts and ideas for next year, to make sure that the industrial heritage should get a prominent position in EYCH.

In January we already organised a first workshop in Barcelona, resulting in a lot of ideas and proposals.
We now are going to organise a follow-up workshop in Belgium, at the end of June
Block the date - we will have a second workshop to prepare the industrial heritage programme for 2018 European Cultural Heritage Year on Saturday June 24th in Mechelen (Belgium)
We have booked a meeting room at the brewery "Het Anker" - a brewery that recently was awarded an ´Industriana´-label."

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