Publication: Escritos de Víctor Pérez Escolano. Sinuosidades de un Itinerario nunca Interrumpido
by Carlos García Vázquez and Mar Loren-Méndez (coord.), Editorial Universidad de Sevilla, 2017
DATE: 25/5/2017
With this publication, the Universidad de Sevilla pays tribute to the research academic legacy of Victor Perez Escolano, Professor of history, theory and architectonic composition at the Escola Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla. FAMA Award from the same university, the book comprises, in 11 thematic chapters, Víctor Pérez Escolano´s exceptional professional and academic itinerary, which claims, at every step, the architect´s research mission, his commitment to the teaching career and a decision of public vocation.

His career has opened new paths, not previously covered by the architectural research and is, today, an essential reference in the architecture history. This publication gathers testimonies of Spanish and international institutions and the recognition of those who are fortunate to learn, investigate and work with Victor Perez Escolano.

The presentation of the book, published by the Editorial Universidad de Sevilla and coordinated by Carlos García Vázquez and Mar Loren-Méndez, took place on May 25, 2017 at the Universidad de Sevilla.

Translated from the Publisher.

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