Publication: Parigi e Baudelaire. Letteratura, Arti e Critica nella Cittā Moderna
by Antonio Pizza, Edizione Unicopli, 2017
DATE: 15/5/2017
"Among the numerous works of Charles Baudelaire (poetry, prose, literary and artistic criticism, journalism) there are many contributions in which the centrality of topics dear to the modernity of the nineteenth century is felt. And if modernity becomes, according to the authorīs own definitions, an ambiguous territory and little subject to peremptory categorical attributes, it can still be regarded as one of its most apparent and contradictory manifestations, precisely the "city"; And, more specifically, Paris, the great capital of the second half of the nineteenth century. Baudelaire and Paris form one; And it is not simply about the active intrusion of urban themes in the crucible of creation, as to the importance of an inextricable correspondence between the two domains: on the one hand, the desperate urban agglomeration of the present and, on the other, its inevitable transfiguration artistic."

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