Congress: Archiletture. Forme e Narrazione tra Architettura e Letteratura
3rd - 5th May, 2017, Bologna, Italy
DATE: 3/5/2017
Between 3rd and 5th May 2017, it will be held the congress Archiletture. Forme e Narrazione tra Architettura e Letteratura [Archiliterature. Shapes and Narrations between Architecture and Literature] at Bologna, Italy.

"At the centre of attention of this conference are the relationships between literature and architecture. Such relationships are not merely references found in works of literature to architectonically significant concepts or places; rather this conference aims at exploring the possibility of deeper structural relationships between these two disciplines.

Modern design processes, in their ideational and operative means, exalt visual instruments confining writing mainly to theory or to bureaucracy. But architecture is forced to imagine past and present lives flowing within its spaces and giving them form. As a consequence, architecture implies a narrative in its creation as long as it deals with possible inhabitants and assumes them and their bodies as a measure. On the other side, literature invents lives and in outlining these lives is forced to conceive frame, structure and forms of space and places where actions and concrete lives occur, considering their transformation in time as well.

At the centre of interest of this conference are case studies in which structural affinities between literature and architecture are central elements in the creative process."

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