Conference: Constructing Modern Architecture: Myth and Reality (1925-1975)
25th-26th April 2018, Escuela de Arquitectura, Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain
DATE: 25/4/2018
"There are many accounts about the genesis of the modern movement that stablish their origins in the functional and technological contents of the engineerīs works, aesthetically carefree; The technology, often appears, as the causal argument of innovations in the design of the build spaces.

This move on to look at the aesthetic progress of the modernity as something found, subordinate, and also forced by the new materials, in mode that the results seem that have been inevitable.

But, perhaps would be correct also the viceversa; and fit to think that these technological advances are just a response to the new spatial and functional needs."

Key dates
Call for abstracts: 10th June 2017
Papers approval: 10th July 2017 
Papers reception: 15th November 2017

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