Casabella Lecture Cycle: Italian Architecture History
18th April - 6th May 2017, Forlė and Cesena, Italy
DATE: 6/5/2017
Between 18th April and 6th May 2017 it will be held the lecture cycle: Italian Architecture History, organized by Casabella, at Forlė and Cesena, Italy.

18th April - Forlė - 17h
"Giuseppe Terragni and Adalberto Libera" by Marco Mulazzani

28th April - Cesena - 17h
"Luigi Moretti" by Marco Mulazzani

29th April - Cesena - 10h
"Franco Albini" by Federico Bucci

5th May - Forlė - 17h
"Giuseppe Caccaro" by Marco Mulazzani

6th May - Forlė - 10h
"Carlo Scarpa" by Marco Mulazzani-Gianluca Frediani

More details: website [italian]