Conference Cycle: Réutiliser l´architecture
24th November 2016-11th May 2017, École nationale supérieure d´architecture et de paysage de Lille, Lille, France
DATE: 11/5/2017
"Two thirds of architectural control in France today concern existing buildings. Whether it is rehabilitation, conversion, upgrading, standardization or simply maintenance, the amount of the architect´s interventions on existing buildings has been steadily increasing since the 1980s .Among these buildings, which constitute the main area of intervention for architects, a large number of buildings date back to the 20th century, especially the second half, a period in which the quantities built justify a particular interest. Even if social demand evolves, these recent architectures are frequently the object of transformation or adaptation without clearly established theoretical foundation and sometimes even without the knowledge of the buildings a prerequisite.
Besides these trivial or utilitarian operations, exemplary constructions show the possible directions of re-use of the existing architecture. The conference cycle intends to propose the presentation of exemplary cases and the formulation of specific methods of intervention from an international perspective. Addressing the architecture and landscape, as well as all the fields of study, several approaches and themes will be studied: case study, analysis of postures, theoretical, historical, programmatic, specific techniques..."

Conference Cycle:
- Réutilisation versus manque by Teresa Gali-Izard, 24th November 2016
- L´art de la transformation by Philippe Prost, 2nd March 2017
- Spolia by Gilles Saussier, 9th March 2017
- La Seconde Guerre Mondiale, ou le grand recyclage by Jean-Louis Cohen, 16th MArch 2017
- Adaptive reuse: The modern movement towards the future, by Ana Tostões, 11th May 2017

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