Conference: Teixeira Lopes e Pinto do Couto: Escultores Portugueses e suas Obras no Brasil
27th April 2017, 18:00 pm, Palacete Lopes Martins , Oporto, Portugal
DATE: 27/4/2017
On 27th April 2017, 18pm, José Francisco Alvez will present the conference Teixeira Lopes e Pinto do Couto: escultores portugueses e suas obras no Brasil [Teixeira Lopes e Pinto do Couto: portuguese sculptures and their work in Brazil] at Palacete Lopes Martins , Oporto, Portugal.

"Teixeira Lopes and Rodolfo Pinto do Couto were two great Portuguese sculptors from the end of the XIX century and beginning of the XX century. Formed in Porto, both continued their studies in Paris, having subsequently embarked on successful artistic careers, with passage through Brazil. From Teixeira Lopes, this country has two monumental works, the Monument to General Bento Gonçalves, inaugurated in 1909 in the city of Rio Grande, far south, and the Monumental Doors of the Church of the Candelaria, in the center of the city of Rio de Janeiro, inaugurated in the Same year. Meanwhile, Pinto do Couto, who was to marry Brazilian sculptor Nicolina Vaz de Assis, maintained a busy and influential atelier in Rio de Janeiro, before returning to Porto. Of the numerous works carried out, the most notable is the Tumular Monument of Senador Pinheiro Machado, in Porto Alegre, capital of the State of Rio Grande do Sul.

José Francisco Alves is Professor of Sculpture of the Free Atelier of Porto Alegre (Brazil), Doctor in History of Art and member of ICOM, AICA and ICOMOS and is coming to Oporto to present the result of the research that is under way on these two sculptors.

It should be noted that the relationship of friendship and artistic complicity between Teixeira Lopes and José Marques da Silva, begun during formation in the French capital is reflected in the sculpture collections and in the correspondence of letters belonging to the collection of Marques da Silva, as well as present in Some of the buildings designed by this architect for the city of Porto."

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