Call for Papers & Presentations: The Open Hand 2 - Orientalism in the Pacific
9th September 2017, School of Art and Design AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand
DATE: 15/5/2017
"During The Open Hand 2: Orientalism in the Pacific, we want to resume the civic debate started during the first Open Hand symposium in 2014, about collaborative action in architecture, space, art and society, this time specifically in connection with community, geography, identity, displacement, migration, and history in the Pacific. Central to the symposium are the following questions: What are the opportunities, boundaries, and tensions experienced in diasporas here in the Pacific? Do we still view these phenomena through the lenses of the ?Other, or as exotic spaces of in-betweenness, or are we engaging with them differently now?"

Key dates
Call for papers: 15th May 2017
Symposium: 9th September 2017
Papers publication: 17th September 2017

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