Conference: La Ville Savoye: Histoire(s) et Perspectives de sa Restaurantion
21st April 2017, Maison du Brésil, Paris, France
DATE: 21/4/2017
"As soon as the restoration of Villa Savoye, an iconic building of twentieth century architecture, which was inscribed on the World Heritage List in July 2016, will soon be undertaken, it is necessary to bring together the elements of knowledge and reflection in the Inform the project. The publication in 2017 of the historical works of Carlo Olmo and Susanna Caccia, La villa Savoye, Icona, rovina, restauro (1948-1968); The research of Elise Guillerm on Jean Dubuisson, in charge of the first restoration of the villa, contribute in particular to update the context. At a time when the question of the presentation of the interiors designed by Le Corbusier arises in a new way, it is essential to take stock of the historical and scientific contributions we have on this major building.

This study day will be the occasion to attend a presentation of the rehabilitation of the House of Brazil and a visit of the Swiss Foundation.On Saturday 22 April, a visit to the Villa Savoye is also planned.

A presentation of the unpublished film on the villa Savoye realized by Ernest Weissmann in 1929-1930 will be proposed during these days."

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