Publication: Vilanova Artigas - Casas Paulistas 1967-1981
by Marcio Cotrim, Romano Guerra, 2017
DATE: 6/4/2017
On 6th April 2017 it was lauched the book Vilanova Artigas - Casas Paulistas at Salão Calder, São Paulo, Brazil.

"The book brings together original drawings and period photographs taken at the University of São Paulo and in private collections of the architect´s clients, forming a fundamental iconography for the history of Brazilian architecture of the 20th century and especially for the cultural history of the State of São Paulo. The book is originated from the doctoral thesis defended with the July 2008 Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the author is Marcio Cotrim under the guidance of professors Fernando Alvarez Prozorovich (Spain) and Abilio Guerra (Brazil), who sign the presentation of the book. Where it may be read as follows: ´Avoiding prior mechanisms, the author worked with a large amount of original material from the analyzed period available in Vilanova Artigas´s archive, visited and experimented with their houses, talked to their owners, and collected valuable testimonials. In addition, he carried out a work of methodologically impeccable analysis in which he emphasized the interest in the work and the need to reveal the modus operandi of the author, seeking to recall the ´much in the little´, as Fernando Pessoa´s poem quoted by himself in Artigas Elsa Berquó, José Mário Taques Bittencourt III, Ariosto Martirani, Alfred Günther Domschke, Juvenal Juvêncio, Elias Calil, and others. In the confrontation with the architectural doctrine of his time, expressed by the young Brazilian criticism disenchanted with the prevailing modern dogmas, Artigas seems to choose to take a step back, perhaps not to be completely isolated."

More details: website [portuguese] + PDF below [portuguese]